Antonio and Rosa have been playing and spreading their love since they reunited in New Orleans some twenty years ago.  Throughout the years we have co-created JIVA JEWELS & ACCESSORIES, a clothing company that prides itself in creating high-quality,comfortable and fashionable clothing for the modern bohemian individual. At the moment, we live in between Thailand and the USA.

about us

who we are supporting

the healing dance

program for refugees

Every purchase made in JIVA benefits directly Maracass' social project: The Healing Dance - Refugees. This program uses movement and dance as efficient tools to heal, improve mental health, quality of life and empowering Refugees and Trauma Survivors.
Based in Mae Hong Song, Thailand, Maracass' goals are to encourage and support refugees and trauma survivors to step into their creativity and to build a positive life approach, to improve their mental health and implement "training the trainer" in the village to keep the ongoing healing up in their daily lives.

Tel: +1 443-739-0821

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